Sunday, February 27, 2011

Notes on Samsung's 9 Series Notebook

The first notebook computer I ever used was a bulky (by today's standards) Toshiba which, at the time seemed like a great upgrade from the IBM PC I was using in the office.  Over the years, notebook or "laptop" computers have gotten steadily smaller and sleeker.  About eight years ago I purchased a Samsung X-10 multimedia notebook and have been using Samsung notebooks ever since with few problems.  Consequently, I take note when Samsung comes out with a new series or model.
According to PCWorld, the new Samsung 9 Series Laptop "Out-Sleeks Apple's MacBook Air."  According to the article, it is slightly thinner and lighter than Apple's notebook (0.64 inches thick versus the MacBook Air's 0.68 inches; 2.89 pounds versus 2.9 pounds),has more memory (4GB versus 2GB), and is made of aircraft-grade Duralumin material (twice as strong as aluminum). It boots Windows in under 20 seconds, has 160-degree viewing angles, and otherwise seems tailored for premium laptop users who care about both form and function.
Sounds very nice and these new products will make the choice between a notebook and a notepad touchscreen device very interesting for many consumers in the months to come.

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