Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Android and Korea's Handset Makers

There is new evidence that Android will become the dominant mobile platform worldwide, if present trends continue, and this has a powerful effect on Korea's handset makers, led by Samsung and LG.  As reported in The Wall Street Journal and shown in the accompanying graphic (click to see full-size version) shipments of Android-based smartphones surged sevenfold year-on-year in the fourth quarter giving Android a 33% share of the global market.  This year HTC, Samsung and LG Electronics, all of which made late entries into the smartphone market, plan to further their push with the introduction of new Android models in order to meet lofty sales goals.  Samsung reached its goal of selling 20 million smartphones in 2010 and more than 50 percent of those models were Android-based.  LG showed improved sales results from its Android-based Optimus One handset, selling three million units since its launch in the second half of last year.

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