Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Note on Broadband Availability in the U.S. (Guam)

I just returned from a pleasant three night vacation trip to Guam.  The weather was pleasant and the palm-lined beach and warm Pacific waters were beautiful.  However, I cannot offer the same compliments about the broadband internet service.
The night before our departure to Guam, we stayed in a small motel in Gangnam in order to be ready for a morning departure from Incheon International airport.  As is common in Korea these days, the motel offered an extensive array of cable television channels and had a computer installed on the desk with an LCD monitor and fast internet access, all included with the modest price of the room.
On arrival at the hotel in Guam (one of the major hotels on Tumon Bay), we plugged the internet cable into our notebook computer, only to be greeted with a page informing us that internet access would cost $10 per day via the cable or $5 per day if we chose to use one of the available wireless channels.  Clearly, we had left Korea and were in the U.S.

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