Friday, February 15, 2013

The new digital network era in education

(Note:  published simultaneously on Internet-age-education)
The internet and associated new digital media have already transformed education on all levels and in all forms. As one who chose to pursue a Ph.D. and a career that encompassed both research and university-level teaching, I naturally have an interest in these revolutionary changes. Those of you who share such interests will want to take a look at the online journal, FastCapitalism.   The first issue of this journal was published in 2005.  In particular, take a look at Issue 8.2 which has a special section on "Academia in the Internet Age."  The article by Daniels and Feagin on "The (Coming) Social Media Revolution in the Academy" echoes much of my personal experience. The one suggestion I would make is that these authors might well have removed the adjective "Coming" from their title.  For many of us the new social media environment is already present and has already revolutionized the process of research, teaching and interaction in the academy.

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