Monday, February 25, 2013

Personal note on an historic inauguration: the Park Geun-hye government

I've watched a good bit of television today, starting around 9:00 A.M. Korean time.  The reason was that I wanted to follow the inauguration of South Korea's first woman president and the televised pageantry surrounding it.
The new President's inaugural address was a highlight, partly because my Korean language comprehension has reached the point where I could understand 80-90% of her address without reference to the electronic dictionary software on my tablet computer.  For the record, I think she made quite a persuasive case for her approach to government.  Sadly, most of the world's media will have to wait for English and other language translations and countless interpretations of those.  However, I think that President Park in very straightforward fashion made the case that Korea faces multiple challenges in a globalized world economy and that the future lies in creation of jobs that may not have existed yesterday or today, but will arise from the contemporary revolution in science, technology and ICT.
More on all of this in subsequent posts.  For now, I simply wanted to note the historic character of today's inauguration.

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