Tuesday, May 10, 2011

World Leaders See Increasing Role of Technology in Education

I just ran across the results of the survey sponsored by Cisco, released in March, which show that three quarters of top education officials around the world believe that technology can play a major role in how students learn and how teachers education.  Perhaps you may think this is an unsurprising result, especially given that the survey of 500 administrators in fourteen countries was sponsored by Cisco.   However, I suspect that a survey sponsored by Google, Apple, Samsung or LG would have produced similar results.  The revolutionary developments in broadband, both fixed and mobile, that these companies and others are leading, have already transformed libraries, lectures and learning the world over.  Think Google Books, MIT Open Courseware, or the Mobile Learning Program introduced at Abilene Christian University a few years back with the introduction of the iPhone.  These are but a few examples.

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