Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Telecommunications Revolution in Korea

I wrote this book in the early 1990s and was pleased to have it published by Oxford University Press. I was further pleased to see that many libraries around the world purchased the book, so that it became more or less universally available to scholars and professionals interested in Korea's amazing transformation that began in the 1980s. Today, I am delighted to know that anyone in the world with an internet connection can read the book. Google is still working on about a dozen pages that somehow were missed in the scanning process. However, far more important than that is that the book is now available via the web in a searchable format. The easiest place to read The Telecommunications Revolution in Korea is on my personal website, at the following URL: Take a look, and explore the book. As author, I myself appreciate what this power to search brings. Indeed, electronic search, via Google, is the revolutionary aspect of Google Books. From now on, no student or teacher at any level need consult the old, limited library databases. Welcome to the 21st century! I'll do another post when my other books are up and running.

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