Friday, August 28, 2009

Report from Barcelona--August 2009

I've been in Barcelona since Monday of this week for a one-week vacation.  A couple of observations seem relevant to this blog.

1.  The hotel where we're staying provides wireless internet, gratis, but the speeds are noticeably somewhat slower than what we're used to in Korea.  In Korea, even in the countryside of Kangwon province, we get a solid 54 mbps connection.  In Barcelona, we've found ourselves waiting for web pages to load, and unable to do some online seat booking with British Airways for our return trip, presumably because of the slower speeds and online forms timing out.

2. Our hotel advertised "international channels" on the television, which is provided via a relatively new Samsung flat screen set.   We were a bit surprised, so asked at the front desk and found that they are shifting all hotel television to digital within a week.  So they sent a technician up to our room who configured the cable so that we could receive all of the analog English and other language channels.

Looking forward to getting back to the land of the morning calm and fast internet!

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