Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos Show that Dokdo is Visible from Ulleungdo

As further support for my posting on Dokdo and Cyber-Diplomacy, the English edition of the Joongang Ilbo today published a short article describing how several people have actually photographed Dokdo from Ulleungdo, using an ordinary camera lense.  One of those photos accompanied the article and is published here.  Dokdo is about 47 miles from Ulleungdo.  According to the article, Korean government records written during the Joseon Dynasty, including “Geography of the Sejong-Sillok,” written in 1454, and “Geography of Goryeo History,” written in 1451 include phrases that people “could see Dokdo from Ulleung Island on a clear day.” 
Finally, for further information about Dokdo, checkout the "Cyber Dokdo" site maintained by the Gyeongbuk Provincial Government.    A very nicely done web site.

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