Saturday, July 12, 2008

Korea Pursues The Ubiquitous Network Society

If all the latest and best data are used as a basis for the statement, South Korea is probably the most networked nation in the world.  Not satisfied with that distinction, the country is one of a handful leading the charge toward "The Ubiquitous Network Society."    The ITU describes such a society as follows.  "The vision of a “ubiquitous network society” suggests a world in which information can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, by anyone and anything. New and exciting technologies are making this vision a reality. The word “ubiquitous” is derived from a Latin root and means “existing everywhere”. It has been used in conjunction with terms such as pervasive or ambient. Early forms of pervasive technologies can be seen in mobile telephony, and to some extent in the broadband internet. But in the future, ubiquitous networks will extend beyond person-to-person and person-to-object connectivity: connectivity will unite everyday things in one huge, ubiquitous communications network, the so-called Internet of Things."  Click on the accompanying graphic to see a larger version.

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