Wednesday, April 14, 2021

SK Telecom to split into two companies

The announcement by SK Telecom that it will split into two companies powerfully underscores the breadth and depth of the digital network revolution.  As reported by The Korea Joongang Daily, "SK Telecom is splitting into two companies, one for telecom assets and the other for its wide range of other businesses and interests.  ICT Investment, the tentative name of the new entity, will take the company’s interests in 11st, T Map Mobility, ADT Caps and SK hynix, which is 20.1 percent owned by SK Telecom." 

"The surviving company will hold telecom-related businesses, like SK Broadband, and continue executing investments in artificial intelligence, cloud and data centers. This “AI & Digital Infra” will also lead in the development of new business opportunities using 5G infrastructure." SK said.

The important takeaway here seems to be that the activities of SK Telecom and its new ICT investment arm will all center on digital technologies based on the current transformation of human capabilities to store, compute and communicate digital information.

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