Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Korea leads the world: In reliance on social media for news

I've posted frequently over the years about the topics of news, the media environment, where and how people access news, and so forth.  If you doubt this, check out these posts from a search for "news."  My interest in these topics dates at least from the mid-1970s when I chose to focus for my doctoral dissertation on a study of U.S. network television coverage of international news.  Little did I imagine at that time that I'd be living in Korea all these years, and continuously from late 1996 to the present.
Korea today possesses the most advanced broadband network infrastructure in the world.   Consequently, it also serves as an important test bed for the world in terms of how citizens, corporations and other organizations react to the changed media environment (or ecosystem).  As shown in the graphic (click for a full size version), a new study by the Pew Center documents these changes.  Fully 80 percent of South Koreans get their news once or more a day from social media.  66 percent check online news more than one time a day.  The graphic speaks for itself, but I recommend reading more from the Pew Center study.

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