Monday, January 5, 2015

Digital developments in 2015: the next revolution in mobile?

An article in the Korea Joongang Daily today prompts this post, which seems appropriate as an opening one for this blog in 2015.  Entitled, "In 2015 phone makers banking on innovation," the article comments on three new smartphones that are soon to enter the global market.  They include Samsung's new Tizen phone, Google's modular phone called Project Ara, and a Russian phone called the YotaPhone.
The Samsung Tizen phone, to be released in India, appears to reflect that company's belief that it must introduce a new operating system (OS) in order to compete successfully in the global marketplace.   Underscoring this, The Korea Joongang Daily article quotes a Samsung Electronics spokesman as saying that “Tizen is not only for smartphones but is a platform prepared for the Internet of Things era. It is essential to secure a platform to survive in an era when smartphones, wearable devices and home electronics are interconnected.”  I would argue, to the contrary, that Samsung and the other major Korean electronics companies, should place their emphasis on the development of software applications and content for the existing Android and Apple operating systems.  This, after all, is where the largest portion of money in the ICT sector will be spent.
Also, as noted in a post last spring, I believe that Google's project Ara in all likelihood represents the next big disruption in the mobile ecosystem, with repercussions around the world that might be even larger than the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.   If, after reading this far, you doubt this, I urge you to view the following video describing the new Project Ara phone.  Enjoy and think about what this means for the future!

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