Friday, April 25, 2014

Journal of Communication publishes review of Digital Development in Korea

The Journal of Communication has just published a review of my 2011 book (paperback edition published in 2013) with Dr. Myung Oh, Digital Development in Korea:  Building an Information Society.  The review is written by Professor Sung-Young Kim of the University of Auckland in New Zealand, who himself is conducting important research on the growth and development of Korea's ICT sector.  The following paragraph is an excerpt from the review:
"To those interested in the field of Communication, Oh and Larson offer an in-depth discussion of how governmental actors sought to bring into reality an information society and in many ways to lead the world in such a project. Beyond studies of Communication, this study will be of interest to writers in comparative political economy especially in relation to industry policy in Korea. The authors also offer clear lessons for policy practitioners in developing countries who seek to follow in Korea’s footsteps in building a domestic presence in the ICT sector. Officials in strategically oriented governments at a similar advanced level of industrial development should also be interested in this study’s focus on the institutions useful for technological upgrading."

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