Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Samsung and Google agree to share patents

There is a lot of news coverage, as rightly there should be, about the signing of a patent sharing deal by Samsung and Google.  The significance of this agreement lies in the fact that Samsung Electronics is an electronics manufacturing and exporting powerhouse while Google is arguably the world's most important company these days when it comes to software, content and services.
As reported by the Chosun Ilbo English edition,"The latest patent-sharing deal signifies closer ties between the two companies, whose relationship has been amicable and unique. While cooperating in hardware and software where they have an edge over each other, they have also sought to stand on their own feet in the mobile business. Samsung has tried to develop its own OS called Tizen to lower its dependence on Android. Google, meanwhile, has stepped up efforts to roll out its own smartphone by acquiring Motorola. The latest deal allows both companies to emerge from the competitive structure and step up cooperation." This new arrangement, of course, relates to the hurdle Samsung and other Korean companies face to lessen their heavy reliance on hardware manufacturing and export, in favor of strength in software. Working more closely with Google is likely to help, rather than, hinder the efforts of the Korean chaebol.

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