Friday, August 2, 2013

My ICSTS conference presentation "Forgotten, televised and cyber wars: reflections on the transformation of communication technologies and politics"

As noted in an earlier post, I've been invited to participate in the International Conference for the Integration of Science, Technology and Society (ICISTS), hosted by KAIST here on campus and at the nearby Daejeon Convention Center August 5-9.   My main presentation on Tuesday, August 6 will be in one of the parallel sessions.  I've entitled the presentation "Forgotten, televised and cyber wars:  reflections on the transformation of communication technologies and politics."  
Although, as with any presentation, the preparation took considerable time, I thoroughly enjoyed putting this one together.   It draws upon my early research on U.S. television news coverage of international affairs, as well as more recent work here in Korea on the impact of the digital information revolution of the late twentieth century.
It was especially interesting yesterday to meet with two of the KAIST students who are leading preparations for the conference.  They've put together quite an interesting agenda for this year's conference and I am looking forward to it.  The theme of this annual conference --integrating science, technology and society--seems to assume added importance with each passing year.  It is especially meaningful to have a student-organized conference since those who are now students will soon be grappling with all of the most difficult challenges of this revolutionary millenium.

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