Thursday, May 31, 2012

Links, language and culture: thoughts on the future of global television news

Readers of this blog will know of my interest in the role of language and culture in shaping uses and effects of the new digital media.   Regardless of the rapid changes in digital communications technology, computing power and the global scope of the internet, human language is still right at the center of all sorts of global communication.  For all the talk about "digital divides," it may be more important to analyze linguistic divides, especially since language and culture are so closely intertwined.  This reality helps to explain, among other things, why Chinese, Russian and Korean consumers still rely on their own home-grown "search engines," rather than using Google.
PBS's Media Shift blog has an interesting article entitled "Could LinkAsia's Digital Hybrid Model Be the Future for Global TV News?"   I recommend it and will have more to say on the topic in the future.

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