Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fiber to the Home in the Mountains of Gangwon Province

Since 2004 my wife and I have enjoyed dependable DSL service, courtesy of Korea Telecom, at our small house in the mountains of Gangwon Province.  It was initially installed during a Winter snowstorm by a young KT technician (see my earlier post and photograph as proof).
After years of dependable DSL service, the modem provided by KT suddenly went dead two weekends ago.  We made an appointment for another technician to come out yesterday and I thought he would simply replace the DSL modem.  Instead, he climbed up to a box on a nearby telephone pole, strung fiber optic cable from it to our house, and connected KT's Fiber to The Home (FTTH) modem.  All of this took approximately an hour.   No charge for the service and no change to our current service, except that we're getting faster speeds on the fiber!
For the record, this is our most recent experience of customer service from one of Korea's major service providers.

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  1. In almost all cases, this has been my same experience with KT internet service. While their support in the mobile area had been almost non-existent for foreigners (until recently), I've been consistently impressed with home internet service and support.

    And you can't be the speed for that price! Less than 40k won/month for 100Mb VDSL? Awesome!!