Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Note to those of you with e-readers

As a courtesy to present and future readers of this blog, I've just made it easier to link directly to the full text online or a PDF download of my 1995 book, The Telecommunications Revolution in Korea. Just click on the cover image at the right. The gadget was previously set up to go to my personal website and required two clicks to get to the actual Google page with PDF download capability.
A small, but hopefully helpful change.


  1. I take it your book is only available online as page images, not searchable text? At any rate, thanks for sharing it thus.

  2. Robert,

    Thanks for the comment. The book as displayed within Google Books is fully searchable text. I see now that Google's PDF downloads consist of image files. Although I haven't tried it with a full book, I think that running an OCR routine on the PDF image pages will enable full text searching with the "find" function in Adobe Acrobat.