Friday, March 19, 2010

More on Naver versus Google in the Mobile Market

The Korea Herald carried an article that provides some interesting detail on the changes taking place in internet search with the introduction of the iPhone and Android phones here.  Although Naver is still far ahead of Google in both the PC and mobile web market, the gap is smaller in the mobile arena.
Google, which held a single digit share in the PC web market, grabbed a 23.1 percent share in the mobile web market in January, according to the local market research firm Matrix. Naver controlled 82.6 percent of mobile web usage that month.  However, I suspect these figures lump iPhone and Android users with users of the older feature phones that still predominate.  Also, as Hugo Barra, Product Management Director at Google noted, with Android devices coming to Korea a whole new ecosystem of cloud computing based applications will be born.

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