Monday, January 4, 2010

iPhone Best-Selling Phone in Korea

Today there is further evidence that Apple's iPhone is taking the Korean market by storm, especially in the absence of Android handset models that can offer real competition.  During the first week of December 2009, the iPhone posted a 10.2% market share of all mobile handsets, not just the so-called "smartphones."   This was according to Atlas Research Group in Korea.
The tech media and blogs are full of reports about the forthcoming launch of the "Google phone."  According to these reports, it will have an AMOLED touch screen that is larger than the iPhone 3Gs's, and some other nice hardware features.  However, having used the iPhone for a few weeks now, I would underscore that it is the applications that make all the difference.  For example, one of the nicest new Beta services for mobile from Google is called "FastFlip."  It draws on the substantial resources of Google news, Google alerts and related services and is very user-friendly, even in its initial Beta form.

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