Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The iPhone Effect in South Korea

There is rather widespread reference these days to the "iPhone Effect," following the introduction of the Apple iPhone to the Korean market.  An example was yesterday's article in The Korea Times about the customer service war heating up between KT and SKT.    The article notes that, "triggered by this import" SK Telecom plans to introduce Android-powered handsets early next year.  It also notes that the introduction of the iPhone is "leading a new trend."
It is being called the "iPhone effect" because the iPhone got here first.  However the trend toward mobile handsets as internet-capable handheld computers has been apparent for several years now.  If the truth be told, it would be better to characterize the overall effect on South Korea's mobile market as the "Android effect," since that is likely to be broader and more sustained than the iPhone, which has its own built-in limitations.

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