Saturday, March 21, 2009

Information Age Communication --Take Them to the Cleaners

There was a very interesting example of the global and instantaneous character of communication today in the New York Times.  The "Dokdo is Korean Land" campaign has been taken to the plastic bags used by 100 or so New York City area dry cleaners!  The islands began appearing last Fall, in pleasing shades of blue, on the bags that drape much of New York City's dry cleaning.  The move was initiated by Mr. Chang Duck Jeon, President of the Korean Dry Cleaner's Association.  He was quoted as saying "The whole world lives together in New York.  And we use a lot of Poly bags."
A final comment.  This post is not meant to reinforce the notion that many Korean-Americans work in the dry cleaning business or as green grocers.  In fact, they are disproportionately represented in the professions --doctors, lawyers, university professors, scientists and the like.

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