Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New York Times: "Big Step Forward for Flexible Electronics"

The discovery made news rather quickly and now the New York Times has picked up the story.  A research team from Sungyunkwan University and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has developed a technique for making stretchable, thin electrodes out of graphene.  As the New York Times article put it "Graphene is a single-layer sheet of carbon atoms (the building block, in fact, of the graphite used in pencils) and has properties that make electronics engineers swoon. But making graphene sheets of a practical size has proved problematic." In addition to being nearly transparent and having excellent electrical characteristics, the films this research team has developed are unaffected by bending or stretching. And the researchers say the process is scalable, so relatively large films can be made.  More on this development in later posts.

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