Saturday, July 5, 2014

ICT-driven development in Korea and China

As reported in The Korea Joongang Daily, the leaders of China and Korea this week attended the largest business forum ever between the two countries.  Not surprisingly, the ICT sector was a central focus of the discussions.  The article quoted President Park Geun-Hye as follows: “The two countries’ economic cooperation should be shifted from the manufacturing industry to services, energy and other new industries. Joint efforts on global issues like energy, the environment and climate change should continue, too."
The Chinese leaders comments included a remark that “With a long-tern perspective, we should establish China-Korea free trade zones. The two countries can build joint industrial zones to increase cooperation on new energy, materials, telecommunications and the environment.”   Remarks by leaders of Samsung Electronics, LG, SK Telecom and other ICT sector firms were also prominent.  An executive of Baidu commented that “The future of the Internet will become a common issue for the two countries.” Of course, questions about internet governance will be a prominent feature of the ITU Plenipotentiary conference hosted by Korea this fall in Busan. Reading the entire article, it seems apparent that China has taken careful note of Korea's ICT-led development in recent decades and wants to follow suit.

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