Sunday, October 24, 2021

Samsung World's Fifth Largest Brand Value

Samsung, by far the largest of Korea's corporations, had the fifth largest brand value in the world, according to the annual report recently published by Interbrand.  Only Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google had higher brand values.   This measure helps to explain why Korea is sometimes referred to as the "Republic of Samsung."  As shown in the graphic provided by Samsung's newsroom (click for a full size version) Samsung Electronics rose from 19th in the international brand value rankings in 2010 to fifth in 2020 and 2021.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Korea completes world's first nationwide LTE public safety network

 In March of this year, Korea completed the world's first nationwide public safety network.  The accomplishment received some attention in the mainstream media and arguably should have been noted earlier in this blog to update earlier posts. (see some of them here). As reported by ZDNet, Samsung announced completion of the public safety LTE network in April of this year.  The ZDNet article noted that "It will be used by 333 public safety organisations and agencies in the country, including the police, firefighters, emergency medical services, and the military. According to Samsung, the nationwide network will serve as a unified platform that helps interoperability among these various public safety institutions during emergency situations."  Furthermore, the article noted that "The deployment includes the company's mission-critical push-to-talk feature, a kind of evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service, Samsung said.  It enables simultaneous transmission to up to 2,500 user devices per cell, double the number of devices supported by previous generation technologies and standards, such as Terrestrial Trunked Radio. The PS-LTE network is also interconnected with LTE-Maritime and LTE-Railway networks which also operate on 700MHz spectrum, the company added."