Sunday, February 14, 2021

Measuring Korea's lead in 5G

 There are multiple ways of empirically measuring a nation's progress in building 5G networks.  The latest report from Opensignal, entitled "Benchmarking the Global 5G Experience" provides more detail on South Korea's leadership in the implementation and adoption of 5G networks.   As shown in the graphic (click for a full size version), Korea ranks first in download speed and second in upload speed, among the ten top countries in the study.  The report also gives the nation high ranks on measures of experience (video, games, voice apps) and extent (availability, reach).

Sunday, February 7, 2021

South Korea's lead in 5G

South Korea's ICT-driven development took off in the 1980s when the nation modernized and digitized its telephone network.  That is why, in recent publications, I have characterized this nation's approach as "Network-centric digital development."  It appears that this pattern will continue as next generation networks appear.   As shown in the graphic (click for a full size version) GSMA Intelligence predicts that Korea will continue to lead the world in consumer adoption of 5G through 2025.

Friday, February 5, 2021

South Korea leads the world in Bloomberg's Innovation Index

 For the seventh time in the nine years it has been published, South Korea ranked number one in the world on Bloomberg's Innovation Index.  For more detail, see the article here  (Click on the graphic at left for a full size version.) 

As shown in the table below (click on it for a full-size version), the seven criteria that make up the Bloomberg Innovation Index are as follows:   R&D Intensity, Manufacturing Value-Added, Productivity, High Tech Density, Tertiary Efficiency, Researcher Concentration, and Patent Activity.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

South Korea's AI powered news anchor

 As reported internationally (Malaysia's story here) Korea now has an artificial intelligence (AI) powered news anchor capable of working 24/7.  Below is a video showing the real anchor (in black) talking with the AI version (yellow jacket).

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Samsung Biologics to manufacture COVID-19 drug for Eli Lilly


As reported by The Korea Herald, Samsung Biologics  (one unit shown in photo--click for a full size version)announced today that it has signed a long-term agreement with US pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company to manufacture a novel coronavirus-neutralizing antibody.  As mentioned in previous posts, I can see Samsung Biologics from my apartment on the Incheon Global campus.  The three units already in operation already gives it the largest capacity in the world to manufacture biosimilar drugs.  As mentioned in The Korea Herald, "Along with being a contract management organization CMO, Samsung Biologics engages in the contract development organization (CDO) and contract research organization (CRO) sectors. It has three plants in Incheon, which can crank out 362,000 liters of biosimilars per year, the world's largest volume."   

Also noted in the article, "In August, the company said it will build a fourth plant in the country in response to rising manufacturing demand. The 1.7 trillion-won ($1.4 billion) plant in Incheon will have a bioreactor capacity of 256,000 liters, the company said in a regulatory filing. With the fourth plant's completion, Samsung Biologics will secure a combined bioreactor capacity of 620,000 liters, making it the largest CMO facility at a single location in the world. (Yonhap)"    Construction of the fourth plant here in Songdo seems to be well underway, based on the appearance of a very large construction crane earlier this fall.