Saturday, May 19, 2018

To read James F. Larson's books and monographs

I've just revised my personal website ( to include links that allow full-text PDF downloads of nearly all my books and monographs. One exception is Digital Development in Korea, my 2011 book with Dr. Myung Oh, which is still under copyright with Routledge.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Dr. Oh Myung: Leader and representative technocrat

Two events in the spring of 2017 call attention to the remarkable achievements of Dr. Oh Myung (Myung Oh in typical American style with given name preceding family name), widely acknowledged to be the "godfather" of South Korea's ICT-driven digital development.  As illustrated in the video (above) created on the occasion of Dr. Oh's induction as the first member of the CEAS Alumni Hall of Fame at Stony Brook University, his contributions extend far beyond the ICT sector.
In March of 2017 a ceremony was held to name a wing of the SUNY Korea complex "Oh Myung Hall" in honor of Dr. Oh's many achievements. (Click on the photographs for a full-size version.)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Korean telecoms companies to share 5G facilities and equipment

The project to build what is widely referred to as 5G (fifth generation) digital networks, more properly called "next generation networks," is attracting a great deal of attention these days, as well it should.   On a global level, this project is undoubtedly the largest engineered infrastructure project in human history.  Accordingly, it is very costly.   Hence the importance of the recent announcement here in Korea that, with government encouragement, the major telecommunications service providers would share the cost of installing 5G facilities and equipment. (see for example, this article in BusinessKorea)   This is an important development and one to watch closely.