Internet age education

One can hardly speak about Korea's information society without touching on the overarching importance of education.    In general, my posts relate to the education sector in one of several ways.  First, there is the increasing role of ICT in education at all levels.   Second and equally important is the role of education about information and communication technologies to create the informed citizenry that is essential to provide demand for new technologies and services.  In this respect, South Korea continues to be a model for other countries around the world.
The continued growth of the internet and increased use of social networking and video are exerting a long term influence on patterns of international student flows and recruitment for study abroad.   Global education (a.k.a. study abroad) is becoming a permanent feature of education in the 21st century. South Korea itself is attracting increasing numbers of international students and plans to become an education hub for Northeast Asia.  Its level of digital development can only aid in accomplishing that goal.   This is the broad context and rationale underlying attention to education and the education sector on this blog.