Saturday, February 2, 2013

Smart, paperless elections coming soon to Korea

As reported in The Korea IT Times, smart, paperless elections are just around the corner in South Korea. According to the article, the "National Election Commission of Korea (NEC) is pressing ahead with the introduction of electronic signature pads as part of its efforts to put in place a consolidated electoral roll system within this year. It was confirmed that the NEC already had embarked on this project, contracting out the production of prototypes to solution companies." Moreover, "The electronic signature solution industry expected that once the consolidated electoral roll system is set up in approximately 13,000 polling stations nationwide, there will be a surge in demand for electronic signature pads." The next logical step in election technology will be to allow people to vote from their home, business, or wherever they may be on election day, leading eventually to almost "instant" election results. This, of course, would require an absolutely secure and transparent method to remotely verify the identity of voters.

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