Monday, October 5, 2009

Korea's IT Service Sector vs. IT Manufacturing

In recent decades, South Korea has become an IT Powerhouse, based largely on the impressive strides it has made in ICT-related manufacturing.   We all know the main products --semiconductors, mobile handsets, LCD flat panel displays and digital televisions, along with parts and components for many of these products as well as fiber optic and wireless digital networks.
A new report by the Hyundai Research Institute warns that the sluggish development of South Korea's IT Service industry could hurt the country's overall IT competitiveness since it widens the gap between the service and manufacturing sectors.  Korea's IT Service industry expanded by an annual average of 7.1% from 2001 through 2008, while its IT manufacturing industry grew 9.5 percent in the same period.
An article published by Yonhap News also notes that the the IT service industry encompasses consulting, systems integration and management, and IT education.

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