Friday, October 16, 2009

Cloud Computing in Korea --KT-Ericcson Deal and Some Thoughts

The Korea Times reports that KT and Sweden's Ericcson have formed a united front to nurture eco-friendly information and technology to be used in mobile telecommunication systems.  A KT spokesman said that, with the help of Ericcson, his company would move toward constructing a mobile communication system based on a cloud communication center (CCC) computing structure.  CCC is widely regarded as the next-generation telecommunication technology to maximize digital-related structures by separating the radio unit and digital unit from base stations.
The joint plan calls for KT to set up CCC base stations across the country and to work with Ericsson for early commercialization of this 4G technology.  KT officials say that nurturing capability in higher capacity mobile networks could be a key factor for sustainable green growth.   The article notes that "The mutual partnership with KT is in line with Ericsson's view of the higher market potential in South Korea, analysts say, which as one of the world's most advanced telecoms markets, will provide sufficient regulatory support and operator cooperation to create a 4G-based system."
This is all very interesting.  It raises a number of immediate questions in my mind.

  • How with the CCC centers relate to the cloud that already exists, led by information stored and organized by Google?   Access to that cloud seems essential for success.
  • More generally, how do the technical aspects of this move to 4G relate to software, applications and content, which is where the large future growth of mobile communications will take place?
  • What exactly is the definition of "cloud" as in CCC?

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