Monday, February 16, 2009

New York Times: What Convergence? TVs Hesitant March to the Net

An article in today's New York Times just illustrates that the United States is on another planet than Korea when it comes to media convergence and offering of television services via the internet.  Three major providers here are now agressively marketing IPTV services, bundled with attractive voice and data services in so-called "triple-play" packages.  The government, through the newly-established Korea Communications Commission, is trying to remove obstacles to "convergence," as if to say "bring it on!"  Meanwhile, in the United States, many are suggesting that it will be a slow transition to the inevitable.  The debate discussed in the New York Times never took place here, nor will it, and we are moving on to other things.  I'm not suggesting that it will be a completely easy road ahead, but as a consumer, I'm happy to live in the Korean media market versus that of the U.S., thank you.

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