Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google's Android Phone: What Will Samsung and LG Do Now?

With the release of the world's first Android phone yesterday by T-Mobile in the United States, following on the success of the iPhone in most of the world, Samsung, LG and other major players in the South Korean market should be prepared to act boldly.  Failure to do so could damage the efforts of these companies and others here to maintain a healthy share of the international market for mobile phones and other portable devices.
The iPhone and the Android make it very clear that convergence has already brought the internet experience to mobile phones, and consumers all over the world will be clamoring for these devices.  There will also be pressure for the leading mobile operators to provide high speed internet access at reasonable rates.  Here in South Korea, we still have the unusual situation that neither the iPhone nor the Google Android are available yet.   Clearly, many consumers would like to purchase one, or both of these phones, given the high levels of internet use here.   As a consolation prize, many are hoping, with me, that LG and Samsung will soon launch their own Android phones here.  Both companies are members of the Open Handset Alliance .

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