Sunday, April 11, 2021

Samsung to attend White House meeting on global chip shortage

The semiconductor industry lies at the heart of the digital network revolution that is transforming business, industry, government, education and society as the world shifts from the industrial, mass media era of the 20th century to the networked era of the 21st century.  Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Samsung is one of about 20 companies whose executives will attend a White House meeting tomorrow (Monday U.S. time) to discuss the global shortage of chips (semiconductors). 

As numerous posts in this blog have made clear, Korea's decision to focus on the semiconductor (chip) industry was effectively made in the early 1980s.  Samsung and SK Hynix are currently the world leaders in the manufacture of memory chips and are moving rapidly into other parts of the semiconductor industry.  

Samsung has a large (soon to become larger) manufacturing presence in the U.S. as shown by the graphic above (click for a full size image).  Overall, the White House meeting with semiconductor industry leaders this week underscores the strategic importance of this industry.  A few days ago the Korea Joongang Daily published this article highlighting the strategic stakes.

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