Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Holography: the future of display technology?

Interesting article in The Korea Times about Samsung competing for leadership in holography as the next generation display technology.  I'm sure not only Samsung, but the other Korean companies in the display industry are interested in holography.  A few years ago, this idea would have appealed only to science fiction fans, but it now appears to be approaching reality.  Furthermore, it is just one of the many reasons that bandwidth (a.k.a. speed) counts!
We now take Skype and other internet video conferences for granted.  If, instead of the video image on our computer or smart device, we could access a three-dimensional hologram, how many of us would not prefer this option?   For now, holograms are being used only in a theater or studio environment, but the technology is changing rapidly. (Click on the graphic to see a full size version.)

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