Monday, July 22, 2013

Cloud-based "webhard" services show increased copyright violations

As reported in The Joongang Daily today, cloud-based file sharing services referred to in Korea as "webhards" (for web hard drives) have increased in popularity in recent years.   Consequently, as shown in the accompanying graphic, (click to see a full-sized version) there was a significant increase in copyright violations.  As reported in the article,"Webhards are fast becoming a breeding ground for transfers of illegal stuff like porn and copyright-protected files. In Korea, 1.8 billion illegal files were circulated last year, according to the Copyright Protection Center. Of those, 664 million were found to have been uploaded through webhards, or 36.1 percent. Between April and May, the Cyber Terror Response center at the National Police Agency found that 75 percent of pornographic materials accessed online had been uploaded through webhards."

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