Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More on the "Future, Creative, Science" Ministry 미래창조과학부

There is big news circulating today in Korea after yesterday's announcement by the incoming administration of President-elect Park Geun-hye that it will change the existing government structure of fifteen full and two lower level ministries to seventeen full and three lower level ministries.  The changes, which require approval by the National Assembly, could potentially have a profound effect on the nation's approach to ICT policy.

A powerful new ministry, which has not yet received its official English designation, incorporates the key words future, creation( or create, make), and science in its Korean title (미래창조과학부)  As noted in my previous post, the government should get good advice when it designates the official English name, because a literal translation will simply not do.  So far I've seen it referred to in the local English language press as "Ministry of Creativity and Science," "Ministry on the Future, Creativity and Science," and other variations.  As reported by The Joongang Daily, the new ministry will oversee ICT policies with a Vice Minister to be appointed in this area.

Some are still arguing that the new government should restore something like the former Ministry of Information and Communication.  For example, the Donga Ilbo yesterday wrote that  it was regrettable "  ... that a vice minister for the future, creativity and science ministry will take charge of ICT rather than a separate ministry to be established. ICT is a massive bombshell of future business that will transform the maps of all industries, including shopping, education, medicine and energy, by integrating with the smart revolution. Korea is believed to need a ministry exclusively in charge of ICT affairs that can predict changes, prepare the country for such changes and provide necessary support, and that can give opinions and suggestions based on professional insight and a sense of responsibility to the Cabinet and the National Assembly."

More on this issue as plans for the new government structure are finalized.

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