Monday, June 25, 2012

Smartphone usage in Korea: a new snapshot

Neilsen has released a summary of key findings from the Asia-Pacific region of  its Smartphone Insights Study, providing  some empirical data to back up my impressions about the extent and characteristics of smart phone  usage here.  As shown in Chart 1 from the study (click to see a full-size version), only Singapore has a higher proportion of mobile phone users who use smart phones versus feature phones, and Singapore as we all know is nowhere near as large, geographically or in population terms,as Korea.
The report also noted that eighty percent of Korean mobile phone users had accessed the mobile internet during the last month, a percentage exceeded only by Japan's users at 86 percent.  Korea had the highest usage of location-based-services among smart phone users with 59 percent, followed by Japan at 56 percent.
Finally, and not surprisingly, chart 5 from the report (click to see a full size version) shows that smart phones using the Android OS are more dominant in South Korea's market than in other regional markets.  This pattern, of course, reflects the dominance of Samsung, LG and other Korean manufacturers of smart phones.

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