Thursday, June 10, 2010

iPhone 4 "Made in Korea?"

The Chosun Ilbo today carried an interesting short story entitled, "iPhone 4 Made in Korea."   In fact, amid all of the news reports of a titanic clash between Samsung's new Android phone and the iPhone, many of the most important components of the iPhone 4 are supplied by Korean companies.  The screen, which received a great deal of attention during the iPhone 4's unveiling recently in San Francisco, is manufactured by LG, which also makes the displays for Apple's iPad.  Samsung supplies the flash memory chip and the A4 CPU chip that powers the iPhone.  As if that weren't enough, the batteries in the new phone are manufactured by Samsung SDI, and it is equipped with multi-layer ceramic capacitors made by Samsung.  Smaller Korean companies are also involved.  Amotech supplies the varistors used in the phone, and Interflex produces the flexible printed circuit boards.


  1. I just want to ask if the iphone 4 made in korea are original not a clone? And is their any differences?

  2. The iPhone 4 referred to in the above post is the original iPhone, manufactured and sold by Apple. As the post and the Chosun Ilbo article note, the main components in the phone were mainly manufactured by Korean companies.