Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Space-Themed Android Onslaught in Korea?

The forthcoming entry of large numbers of Android phones into South Korea's market is taking on a number of themes related to space.  An article in the Chosun Ilbo today speculates on why this is the case.  Samsung has chosen the name Galaxy for a smartphone to be released later this month.  Earlier this week, Pantech unveiled a smartphone called Sirius.  LG Electronics new smartphone slated for release next month is being developed under the name Eclipse.
The space theme is in line with the open nature of Google's Android project.  The name Android itself refers to robots that appear in science fiction stories and movies such as Star Wars.  Although the Chosun Ilbo story did not mention it, we might add the obvious fact that these new smart "phones" with their ability for mobile broadband access, locational services and more, are a key point of convergence and contact for entering cyberspace!

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