Thursday, May 8, 2008

More on Politics: Crackdown on Madcow Rumors Online

According to an article in today's Joongang Ilbo, prosecutors are beginning a crackdown on madcow rumors online. "Five prosecutors will begin investigating those who create and spread posts, cartoons or video clips containing false facts about mad cow disease and U.S. beef, the prosecutors’ office said. It said the current onslaught against the resumption of U.S. beef imports is more malicious than just Internet posts of critical opinions. They said it is developing into organized attacks on government agencies’ official Web sites." The article further notes that "Scary tales about mad cow disease are sweeping popular Web sites in Korea. Some of the posts claim mad cow disease can spread through soil, air or food and that some countries are set to categorize Korea as a country at risk of mad cow disease and to ban Koreans from entering those nations."

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