Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Korea Game Science High School

In my regular morning review of technology news in Korea I just learned about the Korea Game Science High School. Founded in 2004, it is located in North Cholla Province. The very existence of this high school is a good indicator of how much the field of computer gaming has developed in South Korea. The goal of education at this high school is to "Provide students with the creative atmosphere and education he or she needs professionally to compete in the growing, global industry of computer gaming." During the first year of instruction, students must meet national educational standards. Thereafter, they pursue a specialized area of development that suits their aptitude. According to the school's English website banner, "the purpose of the school is to train internationally known gamers and instill them with dreams and hopes."
Major subjects taught at the High School include game planning, game programming, game graphics, and e-sports. " E-sports is a new and developing culture which includes pro gamers, game commentators and broadcasting. Currently in Korea, pro gaming, game contests and leagues are all called E-sports."
I wonder how many other countries, if any, have high schools devoted to this emerging industry.

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