Friday, September 4, 2015

ICT-energy convergence and the SK new Telecom- KEPCO agreement

The Korea Times article entitled "SKT, KEPCO to collaborate for smart grid, IoT, caught my eye yesterday because it provides just one more example of the quickening pace of digital convergence and the accompanying challenge to somehow harness the power of the digital network revolution to solve the problem of climate change.  Coincidentally, I'm helping to organize a session for the forthcoming International Conference on Climate Finance and Industry, 2015 to be held here in Songdo and would like to secure speakers or panelists from these two companies or others engaged in similar efforts.
As The Korea Times article notes,"SK Telecom, the nation's top mobile carrier . . . will work with Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) for new growth businesses including smart energy management systems. Under the agreement, the telecom company and the state-run power operator will jointly establish the next-generation electricity infrastructure and develop the smart grid systems based on the information and communication technology and energy technologies." Further detail provided in the article includes the following. "Under the agreement, the two companies will work to upgrade the advanced metering infrastructure, enhance energy consumption efficiency through telecom technologies and built nationwide smart grid by introducing smart technologies on electricity grids.SK Telecom and KEPCO will also build the "Bitgaram Energy Valley" district in Naju, South Jeolla Province, where the KEPCO headquarters is located, to promote mutual growth with smaller companies and the local economy. SK Telecom said it will open a laboratory to support research and development activities by small companies."

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