Thursday, September 24, 2015

A note from the Daejon Global Innovation Forum

I'm back in Daejon this week, attending the 2015 Daejon Global Innovation Forum and several related events.  The forum is being held at the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC), located right near the site for the 1993 Daejon Expo, which I visited on two occasions.  The neighborhood is transformed with the addition of gleaming new apartments, shops and the Lotte City Hotel right across the street where I'm staying.
On Tuesday I made a presentation as part of the 2015 UNESCO- World Technopolis Association (WTA) International Training Workshop.  The topic for the session in which I participated was "Network for Active Academia-Industry-Government Collaboration in STP and Technopolis."   Daejon, like Incheon Songdo where I now live and work is part of the nationwide network of technoparks.  The location of these parks is shown on the accompanying map (click for a full-size version). Further details are available at the website of the Korea Technopark Association.  I've been learning a lot about the history and growth of techno-parks in Korea and around the world, and how this movement relates to the more recent emphasis on venture startup campuses and ecosystem.

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