Saturday, June 27, 2015

Digital developments in Jeju, Korea's island province

I'm in Jeju where yesterday I attended a conference of The Korea Society for Innovation Management and Economics (KOSIME).  It was a full day of presentations by graduate students, professors and researchers from leading Korean institutions on a broad range of topics related to science, technology and innovation.  Three Ph.D. students from our Department of Technology and Society at SUNY Korea gave presentations in the morning sessions and two of my faculty colleagues are active in KOSIME.
Coincidentally, President Park Geun-hye visited Jeju yesterday for the official launch of The Jeju Center for a Creative Economy and Innovation.  It is part of a network of such centers being established around the country as part of the Park administration's creative economy initiative. Not surprisingly, as explained in the embedded video from Arirang News, the new Jeju center will focus initially on bringing the island's booming tourism industry into the digital age.
Another obvious focus for the center will be the energy sector and smart grid technology.  Jeju island, with its plentiful supply of both wind and sun, was chosen in 2009 as the site of the nation's smart grid pilot project.  For that reason, I'm extending my stay in Jeju for a few days in order to meet with executives of KEPCO and to visit their exhibition center on the smart grid pilot project.  More on this topic in future posts.

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